“Many thanks again. I Really found the Advanced Debridement Skills Course to be one of the most beneficial I have attended in years.

Vicky Thorne 
CNC – Stomal Therapy / Complex Wound Care
Bendigo Health

“Thoroughly enjoyed HEMI’s Advanced Wound Debridement Course, the theoretical knowledge was easily understood and very thorough, and the practical component was very incredibly valuable, with enough time and expert knowledge on hand to develop my skills. I’m far more confident in problem solving acute and chronic wounds, right from a pathophysiology stand point to the clinical skills of debriding and suturing and would recommend this course to other’s working in the field of wound care.”

Daryl Susigan

“As a wound specialist I found the Advanced Debridement Course to be very helpful in supporting and expanding my practice.

The course provided a balance of advanced theory and underpinning concepts, coupled with the opportunity to practice skills in a supportive and safe environment.

The knowledge and skills learnt, including basic excision and suturing techniques, are not often offered in a dedicated course. I would encourage all advanced wound clinicians to attend the course.”

Sue  Templeton
Nurse Practitioner
Wound Management
RDNS SA Ltd (Part of Silver Chain Group)


“I so enjoyed your Advanced Debridement Course held recently in Melbourne. I now feel confident in my knowledge of wound healing at a cellular level, & also in my debridement, biopsy & suturing skills.

I have already recommended it to many people within our organisation”

Mary Dempsey
District Nurse 
Moyne Health Services
“I had a fabulous couple of days at the Advanced Debridement Course, thanks to all of the organising and Prof MacLellan’s wonderful way of getting complicated messages out in a simple understandable way.”
Carolyn Millard
Director of Primary Care
Heywood Rural Health -Primary Care Services Division