HEMI Business Director

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Robyn Ridings 

 DIP. Business Managemen


An extensive background in sales and marketing combined with a former military and nursing career has been Robyn Ridings’ inspirational platform for establishing and maintaining HEMI’s professional business foundation.

As a co-founder of HEMI – established in 1996 – Robyn is well recognised and highly regarded by both clinicians and the wound care industry for HEMI’s business development, enterprise and marketing.

Robyn’s key responsibility is to guide the development of innovative healthcare education programs, while ensuring the content and structure meet market requirements. Her role is then to develop appropriate course registration, marketing and sponsorship.

Robyn is also responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives for HEMI’s Management Innovations including the HEMI Website, Consulting Service, Advanced Wound Care Network Website, AWC Network Secrets publication series, the internationally recognised Venous ThromboEmbolism Working Party and its VTE booklet publications, as well as the Surgical Site Infections Working Party.

Robyn’s widely recognised expertise, enthusiasm, commitment and creativity is indicative of her drive to increasing industry standards for wound care and management innovations.

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